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Angadpal currently offers a wide range of Men’s Suiting Fabrics with traditional and modern touches in the following blends:

  • Polyester Wool & 100% Wool (Including Lycra),
  • Polyester Viscose, and
  • Uniforms

Our product range is carefully crafted and curated for our customers as per the ever-changing tastes and preferences of the global fashion industry. Our Wool range comes with a distinct Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Collection allowing us to cater to the Classics as well as the Seasonal Trends. The vigorous work behind it has made our portfolio more attractive with the presence of patterns and qualities like Plain/Panama, Tropical, Flannel, Fil-a-Fil, Hopsack, Dobby, Twills, Gabardines, Cord, Satin/Venetian, Fancy Weaves, Stripes, Checks etc. accompanied with attractive and eye-catching Woven Selvedges.

We have bridged the gap between light and heavy qualities by using various yarn counts in 100% Wool, Polyester Wool and Polyester Viscose. Most of our qualities in Polyester Wool and 100% Wool range between 2/30 to 2/90 nm yarn count with a range of blends, shades and weaves.

We also specialize in fabrics for Uniforms, which has added another product line to our wide range of products. We currently supply uniform material to various banks, corporate and government agencies across the world and maintain the flexibility to develop uniform fabric based on customer needs and preferences.