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About Us

Founded in the 1970's, the Pal Group is now over 40 years old and is primarily focused on expansion. The group set up its process house – Angadpal Industries Pvt. Ltd. – at the Tarapur Industrial Zone in 1993. Today this unit enjoys recognition of serving some of the topmost fabric manufacturers globally.

At Angadpal, we believe that Quality weaving provides the product its heart and soul. With a combination of the latest technology, equipment, technical know-how and managerial expertise, Angadpal has developed a reputation for quality products worldwide by establishing weaving as its core strength.

Angadpal is also well–equipped with water and air pollution controlling equipment. We have an up–to–date effluent treatment plant possessing the ability to conduct primary, secondary and tertiary treatment followed by an online monitoring and testing laboratory. We also possess a world–renowned air pollution controlling system followed by dual alkaline media scrubbers and online monitoring. We believe we are socially, ethically and morally responsible to take care of our environment and thus, take all the necessary measures required to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are equipped with the latest machinery like Super Finish, Kier Decatizing, Zero–Zero, Mercerizing, Calendaring/Shiner and Shearing/Cropping, Winch, Conti Press and Soft Flow, etc. to provide the perfect finish and quality to our fabrics. We cater to the higher levels of quality and finish with paramount emphasis on R&D. We also make sure we use superior chemicals and dyes keeping in mind the eco–friendly requirements of not only our clients but also the environment.

Although Angadpal's strength lies in exports, a significant portion of company revenue and turnover is down to the domestic market. For the domestic market, Angdadpal has developed products in the 100% Linen, Cotton/Linen mix, Poly/Viscose, Poly/Viscose/Lycra and other Lycra mixes. This range, coupled with our specialization in the Poly/Wool and 100% Wool ranges, enables us to focus on our strengths and develop blends that satisfy all types of buyers and end consumers all over the country.

Today, Angadpal is a 1200 million INR company spread evenly across major niches and segments of the textile industry and continues to grow with an array of expansion plans in the pipeline. Recognized as one of the best process houses in the country, our overall annual processing capacity of 25 million metres is shared equally between domestic and export produce. We can proudly state that we understand the meaning and importance of Quality, Service and Style with every satisfied customer a jewel in the crown.

Finished Products

  • Teflon Coated Finish
  • Fragrance Finish
  • Weight Reduction Finish
  • Mechanical Stretch Finish
  • Normal Soft and Matt Finish