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Core Values

Angadpal's expansion is a result of streamlined operations and astute management. But the most important factor that has provided our management with the vision and structure to go above and beyond is our adherence to a set of core values.

  • Customer Centricity - Angadpal has always considered its customers to be at the centre of its operations. This is partly the reason why we are able to satisfy clients all over the globe. We work on the simple principle of providing the customer with what they want.
  • Operational Efficiency - An important principle that has been instilled in the company's code of ethics is that of operational efficiency. To satisfy domestic and international clients, existing and new customers, Angadpal has always worked to ensure that it operates on an optimum level of efficiency along the supply chain.
  • Continuous Improvement - Adapted from the Japanese principle "Kaizen", Angadpal's expansion is the result of continuous improvement. This ideology has not only allowed us to upgrade our facilities at the manufacturing stage but has also coaxed the management and the staff to think creatively rather than mechanically.
  • Environmental Protection - Contributing to the environment is a relatively nascent concept that Angadpal fully supports and upholds. Today, environmental feasibility along with environmental impact assessments are the norm for us with respect to every venture we decide to take up. We also work tirelessly to minimize our carbon footprint of our incumbent activities.
  • Our People - Lastly, but most importantly, the final piece of the puzzle is the development of our people - the employees, who are responsible for ensuring the running of this institution. The top management strives to ensure the welfare of our staff while also creating an atmosphere of opportunities and initiative for the employees allowing them to grow personally and professionally.

Finished Products

  • Teflon Coated Finish
  • Fragrance Finish
  • Weight Reduction Finish
  • Mechanical Stretch Finish
  • Normal Soft and Matt Finish